VIII Asamblea Nacional de Jornaleros y Jornaleras
Santa Clara, CA
August 22 – 25, 2017

2017 Asamblea Nacional Poster
Artwork by Cesar Maxit

The 8th NDLON Asamblea Nacional will take place from Tuesday, August 22nd to Friday, August 25th, 2017 at Santa Clara University in Santa Clara, CA.

Delegations of day laborers, organizers and advocates from across the country will convene at NDLON’s 8th National Convention in Santa Clara, CA to seek solutions for local and national challenges to workers’ and immigrant rights.

NDLON is an organization at the forefront of immigrant and workers rights in the U.S. At the National Convention, we will organize with staff, member representatives, organizers, and approximately two hundred day laborers and directly impacted people from across the country. We will discuss best practices for countering deportation while promoting advocacy for sanctuary cities, workers rights in regard to training, education, gainful employment, exploitation, sexual harassment and LGBTQIA inclusivity. Delegates will achieve valuable experiences in building alliances, leadership development training, community actions and cultural celebrations.

The 8th National Day Laborer Convention is scheduled for the 22nd-25th of August 2017. While this convening comes at a time of arduous challenges, we also see it as one of unprecedented opportunities. As you know, the rights of immigrant workers are increasingly under attack across the country. However, day laborers–the most visible and marginalized immigrant group–are leading this struggle with innovative organizing and education efforts to expand worker and civil rights for all.

In a time of persecution and uncertainty, strategic convergence is a must. Join day laborers and their allies at NDLON’s 8th Asamblea Nacional from August 22-25, 2017 to organize to lift up the humble and confront the powerful.

California Mission Room, Benson Memorial Center
Santa Clara University, CA